Nurture groups support children within the Richmond Borough who are vulnerable and show signs of social and emotional difficulties which affect their ability to learn. Children are supported to:

  •  Discover new kinds of behaviour and means of relating to others.
  •  Develop self-esteem especially for those who are self-negating that may be behaving in ways more appropriate to younger children.  
  •  Manage on-going emotional difficulties.
  •  Relate appropriately to their peers.
  •  Manage after traumatic experience (e.g. bereavement, parental separation etc.).
  •  Manage problems adjusting to school life and low self-esteem.

The nurture group is a short term intervention lasting ten weeks. All referrals are made by schools to the Nurture referral panel at the school offering the nurture group.  If you think your child might benefit from this support then you should approach the SENCo at your child's school. Currently there are groups at:

Hampton Junior School (opens the school website)

The Cabbage Patch at Chase Bridge (opens the school website)‚Äč 

The Cabbage Patch Nurture Group, based at Chase Bridge Primary School, has been open to locality children since September 2015. In addition to the SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) provision itself, the nurture group staff have also provided a range of outreach support for the locality schools with infant-aged children. 

The Cabbage Patch Nuture Group:

Annual Self Evaluation of Performance and Progress (opens a pdf)

More groups are being planned in other locations.