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Mainstream schools in Kingston with specialist SEND provisions

Mainstream nurseries and schools in Kingston that have special provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities, listed according to the needs they support. 

Specialist SEND provisions by need

Understanding different types of specialist provision within a mainstream school

Dynamic Assessment Group (DAG) -  Dynamic Assessment is a kind of interactive assessment used in education  It identifies a child's learning needs and skills and enables early intervention and planning for future school placement. There is one DAG in Kingston (Moonbugs). This is for nursery age children who have been identified by Speech and Language Therapists (SALTs) to attend the group.

An Enhanced Specialist Teaching Arrangement or ESTA or supports a number of pupils with special educational needs, enabling those pupils to be fully included in the mainstream school. In an ESTA support is offered as part of a mainstream class placement. Access to small group teaching is limited.

A Specialist Resource Provision or SRP or aims to provide targeted support which enables children to make progress, achieve their identified outcomes and continue to access the mainstream curriculum while being provided with a specialist intervention programme. SRPs have discrete teaching spaces and staffing to enable substantial access to small group teaching alongside access to mainstream classes.

Schools are *co- educational unless it says otherwise. 

*Co-education (co-ed for short) is a system of education in which males and females are educated together. It is also known as mixed-sex education, and mixed-gender education.