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Education Inclusion Support Service (EISS)


Please note referrals for any of the services below can only be completed by schools and other professionals

The Education Inclusion Support Service (EISS) offers consultancy on all aspects of inclusion including behaviour management approaches, systems and policies. The service supports schools in developing sustainable inclusion strategies and practices, as well as offering advice and guidance about children with SEN, including those with challenging behaviour and social and emotional difficulties which impact on behaviour for learning. The service can also support with effective multi-agency work around vulnerable children. The Service offers a variety of support and interventions using a tiered approach of 'waves'. 

Referrals can only be made by schools and other professional agencies like the Special Educational Needs Service (SEN).

Further information about the service can be found below along with the relevant referral forms:

Further information about the EISS - Overview (pdf)

The EISS 'Waves' Model of Support and how to access (pdf)

EISS Services:

EISS Mentoring (pdf)

EISS Physical Intervention (pdf)

EISS Service Overview (pdf)

EISS Transition (pdf)

EISS Consultancy (pdf)

Boost Year 9 Alternative Provision (pdf)

Boost Alternative provision for pupils experiencing emotionally related school avoidance (ERSA) (pdf)

Boost ERSA application form (word)

Referral forms

EAIP Referral Form (word)

EISS Alternative Provision Referral (word)

Remote Consultations Booking Form (opens a new window)

The Early Advice and Intervention Panel (EAIP)

All AfC Inclusion Teams sit under a panel called the Early Advice and Intervention Panel. This includes the Education Inclusion Support Service (EISS), the Advisory/Outreach Service for Autism/SLCN) and outreach from our SEN Schools and Specialist Resource Provisions (SRP's).

This panel offers schools access to a wide range of support via a single EAIP referral form (word) and one email address  This model seeks to offer immediate information and signposting, without the need for schools to have completed any prior assessment or activity. It doesn’t offer financial resources or 1 to 1 support, but it will signpost to local expertise from schools, SEN resource provisions and AfC teams who can advise schools on strategies to support staff where children or young people need specific approaches to enable more effective inclusion.

Further Information about EAIP
Remote Consultation (Wave 1)

These referrals - Remote Consultations Booking Form (opens a new window) are to request a 30 minute telephone or virtual consultation with a specialist teacher from EISS or one of our attached outreach teachers from local special schools or SRP's. They are open to all school staff and appointments will be offered within 24 hours.

Early Advice and Intervention Panel (EAIP) Referral (Wave 1 to 3)

These referrals are for more complex cases or for those pupils at risk of exclusion. Referrals are heard at Panel each week and allocated accordingly. Schools will be contacted within 48 hours of Panel agreement. Please use the EAIP referral form (word)

Request for Alternative Provision Medical/SEN/Bespoke Provision (Wave 3)

Referrals for medical tuition are made by school and are for those pupils too unwell to attend school. Applications must comply with the AfC Guidance on medical tuition. See the section on Children Missing Education CME further down for more information before completing the Request for SEN/Medical Tuition Referral Form (word)

SEN/Bespoke referrals are made by, or in conjunction with, the AfC SEND Service and are for those pupils at risk of permanent exclusion and/or moving on to a more specialist setting.

The Bridge Referral - Primary alternative provision (Wave 4)

Referrals to the Bridge are made by schools and pupils should already be known to the EISS and have passed through the tiered system of support known as Waves.

The Bridge Overview (pdf)

The Bridge Referral Form (pdf)

The Bridge - Parent and Carer Information Sheet (pdf)

The Bridge Service Level Agreement (word)

Boxall Profile Sheet (word)

Children Missing Education (CME)

This service is available in Primary only. 

  • Medical tuition
  • SEN tuition (referred by SEN only)

AfC and Malden Oaks Tuition Service Medical Tuition Policy (opens a new window)

Protocol Addendum to AfC Medical Needs Education Policy (updated 2020) (pdf)

New Interventions from September 2020


Year 2 KS1 to KS2 Transition Programme (pdf)

Year 3 and Year 4 Transition Back to School Programme (pdf)

Year 5 Transition Back to School Programme (pdf)

Year 6 KS2 to KS3 Transition Programme (pdf)


Year 7 KS2 to KS3 Transition Programme (pdf)

Year 8 and Year 9 Transition to School Programme (pdf)

Year 10 to Year 12 Transition to School Programme (pdf)

New Group Work offer to Secondary Schools 2020

EISS Academic Catch Up Groups (pdf)

EISS Mentoring (pdf)

EISS SEMH Group Work KS3 to KS4 (pdf)

Emotional Health and Well Being Workshops (pdf)

Young Coaches Project KS3 (pdf)


Other useful links and resources

Emotionally Related School Avoidance (ERSA) - information for parents and carers (pdf)

Emotionally Related School Avoidance (ERSA) - guidance for schools (pdf)

Emotionally Related School Avoidance (ERSA) - toolkit (pdf)

Reduced Timetable Guidance (pdf)

Part Time and Reduced Timetable Referral Form (word) 

Keeping children safe in education - Statutory guidance for schools and colleges - Part one: Information for all school and
college staff (pdf)

NASEN Send Code of Practice (pdf)

Reducing the need of restraint and restrictive intervention (opens a new window)

Behaviour and Discipline in school - Guide for headteachers and school staff (pdf)

Behaviour checklists (pdf)

Managing poor behaviour case study (opens a new window)

Discipline Exclusions (opens a new window)

Send Code of Practice (opens a new window)

Contact us

All general queries regarding the service and the information above should be directed to Email: