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Education of children and young people with medical (or other) needs

Education for pupils with medical (or other) needs is delivered by Achieving for Children through the Education Inclusion Support Service (EISS) for primary age children. Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service provide the service for secondary age children. 

The officer responsible for Children Missing Education is Sheldon Snashall, Associate Director for Pupil Support.

Sheldon Snashall

Associate Director for Pupil Support

Achieving for Children

Office Phone: 020 8547 5268 

Mobile Phone: 07849306815


What constitutes a medical (or other) need?

Whilst there is no specific definition of a 'medical (or other) need it is a term used for the circumstances where a child's health and condition (or other factors) prevents them, for the greater balance of time, from accessing school and an effective education.

Access and entitlement to additional support is subject to the recommendation of the need for alternative provision by a health (or other appropriate professional).

Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide education other than at school for children unable to attend school because of illness or other reasons who would not receive suitable education without such provision. 

Quality of education and curriculum

The service will ensure a suitable and flexible education including a broad and balanced curriculum, similar to that received at school for children who cannot attend school because of health or other needs. ‘Suitable’ means appropriate to the child’s age, aptitude and ability and any special educational needs they may have. 

For those pupils studying for their GCSEs, the service will ensure that the subjects the pupil has been studying at school will continue (taking the pupils health/ other needs into consideration), alongside the appropriate exam board specification is adhered to. The service will work alongside the school to ensure that exam entries and access arrangements (where appropriate) are in place. Attention will be given to this in each review meeting.

Policy on the education of children and young people with medical and other needs

Read or download the Alternative Provision Policy 2022 (opens a new window) 

Policy on Access to Education for Children and Young People with Medical (or other) Needs - Protocol Addendum - Working arrangements with Independent Providers 

The purpose of this protocol is to support the agreement of joint working arrangements between AfC and providers of education for Richmond and Kingston children of statutory school age with medical (or other) needs. This protocol does not apply to pupils between the age of 16 and 19.

Protocol being updated 

Schools and parents can also make general enquiries for advice. Informal discussion is welcomed if it helps in ensuring the referral process is followed correctly and the criteria are fully met.

Relevant links

If you require any of these documents in an alternative format please contact

Reduced Timetable Guidance (PDF)

Guidance supporting pupils with Medical or Other Needs in Schools 11 to 22 (15 Day Guidance) (PDF)

Alternative Provision Policy (PDF)

AfC Parent and Carer guide - long term health conditions (11-2022) (PDF)  


For Primary Medical Tuition, this will be provided by the EISS Primary Support Service and referrals can be sent to

Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service

Secondary Medical Tuition is provided by Malden Oaks - please use the referral form on their website (opens a new window)

Read the Malden Oaks SEN Information Report (opens a new window)

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