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Education of children and young people with medical needs

Education for pupils with medical needs is delivered by Achieving for Children through the Education Inclusion Support Service (EISS) for primary age children or Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service for secondary age children. 

Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service

Dukes Centre
Dukes Avenue
Kingston KT2 5QY

Telephone: 020 8289 4665

Find out more about Malden Oaks on the school website (opens a new window) which includes information about the school's other venues and services.

Read the Malden Oaks SEN Information Report (opens a new window)


What constitutes a medical need?
Whilst there is no specific definition of a 'medical need' it is a term used for the circumstances where a child's health and condition prevents them, for the greater balance of time, from accessing school and an effective education.
Access and entitlement to additional tutorial support is subject to the verification of the diagnosis and condition by a health professional of specialist or consultant level, with their recommendation of the need for an interim programme of one to one education.  
Department of Education Guidance

The Department of Education Guidance 2013, states that full time education must be arranged for a child with health needs, or as much education as their health condition allows. If education is one-to-one teaching, the number hours could be less as the provision is more concentrated.

This means that the education provided is tailored to suit the pupil’s needs and, because one-to-one teaching is more focused than classroom work, it may not be full-time.  And, perhaps it cannot be full-time due to the pupil’s medical needs.

Quality of education

The quality of the education provision, as defined by the in the statutory guidance Alternative Provision (2013) (opens a new window), should allow pupils to take appropriate qualifications, prevent them slipping behind their peers in school and allow them to reintegrate successfully back into school as soon as possible.

Curriculum and syllabus

Any teaching or e-learning should initially focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. The aim is a broad and balanced curriculum.  However it may be more appropriate for a pupil, dependent on health needs, to focus on fewer subjects and to achieve their best rather than focus on a broader curriculum.   

Policy on the education of children and young people with medical needs 

Read the Medical Tuition Policy (pdf)

Policy on Access to Education for Children and Young People with Medical Needs - Protocol Addendum - Working arrangements with Independent Providers 

The purpose of this protocol is to support the agreement of joint working arrangements between AfC and providers of education for Richmond and Kingston children of statutory school age with medical needs. This protocol does not apply to pupils between the age of 16 and 19.

Read the Protocol Addendum (pdf) 

Advice and general enquiries

Schools and parents can also make general enquiries for advice. Informal discussion is welcomed if it helps in ensuring the referral process is followed correctly and the criteria are fully met.


For Primary Medical Tuition, this will be provided by the EISS Primary Support Service and referrals can be sent to

Secondary Medical Tuition is provided by Malden Oaks - please use the referral form on their website (opens a new window)

Sheldon Snashall
Lead Officer for Children Missing Education

Phone: 020 8547 5268