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Anstee Bridge

Anstee Bridge in Kingston Upon Thames is a project that helps young people aged 14 – 16 build confidence and resilience and re-engage with education through creativity. Anstee Bridge supports schools to help them meet the needs of Year 11 students who need an alternative to school to encourage them to engage with education. Young people who are referred attend the Anstee Bridge Programme for one day a week, while continuing with exam-related work in school. They teach around 24 students in groups of up to eight, guiding them into further education, employment and/or training at the end of Year 11. 

Anstee Bridge aims to meet the differing needs of all our students and we are committed to ensuring that they, regardless of their educational needs, have access to a creative confidence boosting curriculum rich in variety that offers them plenty of opportunities to succeed. Our key priorities are to ensure the physical and emotional, safety and wellbeing of all our students; to ensure all students take an active part in decision making about their learning and environment and that through a broad choice of creative worshops, projects and activities, students can fully engage with their creative learning and gain confidence to go on to achieve in the future. Of paramount importance is that all students are encouraged to aim high, both on a day to day basis and in their aspirations for the future.

Referrals to Anstee Bridge are made through schools.  All young people are kept on roll with their referring school and each school has their own SEND policy. Anstee Bridge ensure that, in line with the Special Educational Needs’ Code of Practice, a child centred, outcomes based approach underpins the work they do with students with additional needs.

Visit the Anstee Bridge website 

Could you help Anstee Bridge?

Anstee Bridge receive funding for student placements through the schools grant scheme, but as a creative enterprise they constantly need resources, support from volunteers and equipment every bit as much as funding.  

Find out how you might be able to help on the Anstee Bridge website ‚Äč