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Post 16

Young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) and vocational pathways

What is being done to keep in touch with young people to ensure they move into education or employment?

Learners in Year 10 who have SEN Support or an EHC Plan are offered a Next Steps interview to explore their post 16 options.  Many schools opted to take advantage of the Next Steps offer for their Year 11 SEND learners in the autumn term 2020.  For young people in Year 11 who were not able to access a Next Steps interview in the autumn term, the 14-25 team can provide a Next Steps interview over the phone or online this spring term.   This offer applies to young people who attend schools outside Kingston and Richmond boroughs.  The team is working with schools to receive referrals for SEND learners in Year 10 (and Year 9 if attending special schools or SRPs in mainstream schools) to deliver Next Steps over the spring and summer terms.  

If you would like to know more and/or request an interview, please email  The Next Steps interview is not mandatory but meeting with one of our qualified careers advisors might help young people to explore post 16 options that are right for them.   

What support can be provided to young people who are NEET during this time?

Young people aged 16-24 will be able to access the Positive Directions Programme during this time. 

This leaflet sets out the offer: 

​Positive Directions Leaflet (opens a pdf)

This programme will provide young people with careers guidance, virtual mentoring and coaching, online sector based learning and Maths and English training.   It will also support them to access employment, education or training when this becomes available.

Young people will be identified and the offer promoted through referrals from Preparing for Adulthood, Leaving Care and via the tracking work taking place in the 14-25 Team. 

If you are aged 16-18 and not in education, employing or training and would like some information and advice, please email to speak to an adviser. 


How are we supporting young people who will leave school this summer and do not have an agreed plan?

The Preparing for Adulthood Team, 14-25 team and Education Business Partnership are working together to identify which young people do not have an identified destination and will make contact via telephone either with the young person or parent. This will become clearer after the 31st March, as this is the Statutory Deadline for Young People with EHC Plans. Schools continue to play a critical role in supporting thinking about next steps and will be part of the broader discussion, given that grades are likely to be based on coursework. 

Many colleges continue to virtually consider applications and it is important that young people who want to attend college must still apply for a course. If young people find this challenging the PfA team will be able to support and/ or the college can help directly. 

How are young people attending College with EHCPs being supported?

Richmond College has been in touch with AfC to outline the support they are offering to each of our students. This is generally online learning, but does include mentoring support, phone call. 

Kingston College is now closed but will be continuing learning provision on some programmes into this week.  Merton College (as part of the South Thames Colleges’ Group) is open to young people with EHC Plans from across the group and in line with Government guidelines.

What is happening about apprenticeships?

If you are currently undertaking an apprenticeship, contact your training provider to discuss options for remote learning and find out the support they are offering.  Training should be able to continue remotely in many cases, but if not, you will be able to request a ‘break in learning’ if required. 

New apprenticeship opportunities are difficult to source at the moment, as employers are not recruiting.  But the resources on the Amazing Apprenticeship website will help with future planning. 

What about Traineeships? 

Young people on our current Traineeship group continues to be supported online and work is being set remotely.