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How to use the Local Offer website

The Local Offer website is part of a wider AfC info site. The AfC info site is the Kingston and Richmond "family ( this includes children and young people) information" website.  

The Top Navigation Bar

From the top navigation bar you can easily switch between the three main sections of the AfC info site:

  • SEND Local Offer
  • Young People
  • Community Information

Each main section of the site is colour coded to match the AfC corporate branding for those service areas. The colour theme runs through all the sub sections of each site. So you can easily recognise which main section you are in.

Each main section has similar subsections such as (click each link for more detail):

but may have additional sections - such as the Young People's Hub on the Local Offer or the Childcare Search in the Community Information Section. These sections are all easy to find from the top search bar.

Search, print and rate this page

Underneath the top navigation bar there are three functions:

  • Search the Local Offer - this search all the content types on the Local Offer website - so Information and Advice pages, providers in the Local Offer Directory Search, What's On events and Latest News. It does not search the other areas of the AfC info site such as Community Information pages or the Young People's pages. 
  • Print - this enables you to print any page, event, news article or directory entry.
  • Rate this page - this is a new function which was suggested by young people. It allows quick and accessible feedback on any page or element of the whole AfC info website , including the Local Offer.  Once you have clicked on one of the "feedback faces" you can add more detailed feedback if you need to.