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SEND Team - contact details and customer service standards

The SEND Service's EHC Coordinators are allocated to particular nurseries, schools and colleges. If your child undergoes an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment or receives an Education, Health and Care Plan, the SEND Service will write to you with details about your Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator and how to contact them.

SENCOs in nurseries, schools and colleges will be informed of who their allocated EHC Coordinators are.

How to contact the SEND Team

The SEND Team can be contacted on the phone number and email address below; you will have direct contact with our Coordinator Assistants who will signpost you onto the relevant person if they cannot resolve your query.  The Coordinator Assistants can deal with queries such as:

  • Information on where you or your child is in the EHC Needs Assessment process
  • Generic queries in relation to SEND
  • Update on some specific queries and copies of any reports
  • Contact details for your allocated EHCP Coordinator

Address: SEND Team c/o Achieving for Children

Guildhall 2



Phone: 020 8547 5872

We recommend that any referrals sent to the SEND Team are sent via secure email due to the sensitive nature of the information. If you require guidance or support on sending referrals please contact our team directly

Email: [email protected]

How we send information to you securely

When we send information to families we use a secure system. We will email unsecurely to let you know we have sent something, and provide an attachment with guidance on how to open the secure messages.  If you don't want to use the secure system, then we will send it unsecurely, but only if a family gives us permission to do so. 

For more specific questions in relation to your case that are not related to the examples above please call your EHCP Coordinator. Their contact details have been provided on all correspondence sent to you.  

SEND Team - customer service standards

When you contact us we will:

When you contact us we will:

  • Liaise with you in a polite, professional and courteous manner.
  • Support and answer your queries or signpost to you to the relevant service/channels where appropriate
  • Answer your calls promptly or if you leave a message get back to you within 3 working days
  • Respond to your emails within 5 working days or send an acknowledgement advising you of a timeframe on when we will be able to respond 
  • Write and speak to you in a way that is accessible, and make reasonable adjustments if alternative communication methods are required such as an interpreter needed for other than English or BSL.
Working together

In order to provide a good level of customer service and to support you with any of your queries we please ask that you;

  • Provide full details of your query so that we are able to support and respond in a timely manner
  • Treat our staff in a polite courteous manner – we have a zero tolerance against aggressive or intimidating behaviour; we will ask for modified behaviour but if it continues we will end the call or meeting.
  • Treat our staff in a respectful way - we will follow up if further action needs to be taken and advise you in writing how to contact us in future.