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The Golden Binder

The Golden Binder format and contents are currently being reviewed.

About The Golden Binder

The Golden Binder contains all the guidance, forms and templates to be used for:

  • Requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment for the first time, and
  • the Education, Health and Care Plan templates to be used by SEN, Education, Health and Social Care professionals and to be completed with a family once it has been agreed that a plan is needed. 
  • Transferring a statement to an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Reviewing Education, Health and Care Plans

We recommend that the accompanying guidance is referred to when completing requests for a EHC Needs Assessment or completing the Education, Health and Care Plan templates. This guidance is contained in the relevant chapters of the Golden Binder.

All the guidance, forms and templates which form the contents of the Golden Binder are listed and available for download on this page. The Golden Binder is regularly reviewed and it is important that current practice is followed and the latest templates and forms are used.  For this reason we recommend that the latest templates are downloaded from this site each time they are required. Please continue to scroll down this page to see the latest templates. ‚Äč 

The Golden Booklet is the shorter, easy read version of the Golden Binder.

Download the Golden Booklet (pdf)


Golden Binder  - Contents list 
Appendix 1 – SEN Support                                                                                             
This information is available on this page:
Appendix 2 – EHC Needs Assessment Request Forms                                               

Thiinformation is available on this page:

Education Health and Care Needs Assessment (opens a new window)

Appendix 3 – EHCP Templates - once it has been agreed that a plan is needed
Thiinformation is available on this page:

Education Health and Care Plan templates (opens a new window)                                                                     

Appendix 7 – Annual review templates

    This information is available on this page:

      Annual Reviews (opens a new window)

Appendix 9 – Outcomes and Person Centred Planning                                         
Appendix 10 – Further Education                                                                             
‚ÄčThis information is available in these sections: