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Assessment and Education, Health and Care Planning

Post 16 - Phase Transfer and Transition

Message from the 14 to 25 Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) Service Manager for SEND


I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to the online Post 16 Phase Transfer and Transitions event. My name is Marianna Dal Pozzo and I am the 14 to 25 PfA Servicer Manager for SEND in Achieving for Children. I am very excited to be introducing this new online event. I know that we are in uncertain times and for many families lockdown has been incredibly challenging. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and government guidance, we have adapted our approach in the hope that we can go some way to provide the information you would have received in normal circumstances.  

The aim of the Post 16 Phase Transfer and Transitions event is to provide information about what happens when you are moving between phases of education (either in year 11 or in a post 16 transitional year i.e. in the final year of your current programme of study) if you have an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Also to provide information from some of our local providers about what they can offer. I hope this will help you think about and understand what is available and what would best support you moving forward on your chosen pathway. 

Thank you to those who have contributed to this project.

Moving to a new phase of education can be an anxious time for families, so this information aims to help guide you through the consultation and application processes for young people with an EHCP, as it is different to the usual admission process. All young people with an EHCP have their phase transfer from school to post 16 education supported by the special educational needs and disability (SEND) Team, who are here to help you through this important transition.

We have recorded a series of presentations, starting with an introduction from Senior Managers in the SEND Service who will explain the process of phase transfer and transition and provide key timelines. This is followed by some individual presentations from local providers which we hope will support you in considering your next educational placement preferences.​​

Other information to help you

The links below will direct you to the Next Steps booklet and other information which explains possible options for your next academic year. Also, information about the Preparing for Adulthood Team who manage the EHCP processes in the SEND Team for young people from year 9 and over.

Next Steps booklet (pdf)

Preparing for Adulthood Team Easy Info guide(pdf)

Post 16 Education Information (opens a new window)

Training and Employment Information (opens a new window)

Independent Travel Training

About Independent Travel Training (opens a new window) 

Video presentations scripts to download

Introduction -Your Next Steps video presentation (pdf) 

Choosing where to study or train Post 16 video presentation (pdf)

​Vocational Options at Post 19 video presentation (pdf)

Provider videos
The Xavier Centre

Kingston Adult Education - Steps to Employment



You can give us instant feedback about this event and the information provided using the "Feedback about this page" faces on this website. This will help us understand how helpful this has been and how we can develop and improve future events.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please email the co-ordinator using this email address:​​