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Assessment and Education, Health and Care Planning

Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

Sometimes a child or young person needs a more intensive level of specialist help that cannot be met from the resources available and this is the time to consider an EHC needs assessment. Some children may require an EHCP assessment very early on and in these cases the local authority should liaise with the appropriate professionals and start the process without delay.  An EHCP brings the child or young person’s Education, Health and Social Care needs into a single, legal document. The child or young person must have special educational needs to be eligible for a plan.

Anyone can contact the SEND Team to ask for advice on the best route to requesting an EHC needs assessment; this will most often be through a multi-agency meeting with those involved, at the educational setting (e.g. school). Following this meeting, either the educational setting or the parents may submit a request.

Professionals are required to use the forms and process set out below and in the Golden Binder for all EHC needs assessment requests. These help professionals to ensure that they are requesting EHC needs assessment at the right time and in partnership with families, enabling Achieving for Children to make timely and evidence-based decisions. If parents or young people choose not to use these forms, they may request EHC needs assessment at any time in writing to the address given lower down this page. Achieving for Children does not accept requests for EHC needs assessment by telephone.

If the young person is over 16, they can ask for an assessment themselves. 

Information and guidance about the processes and timelines involved in requesting Needs Assessments is contained in Chapter 4 of The Golden Binder:

Chapter 4  - Education, Health and Care Plans (pdf)

Needs Assessment request forms
Where to submit a EHC Needs Assessment Request

You should send requests with attachments to the following address: 

Address: SEND Team, c/o Achieving for Children, Guildhall 2, Kingston, KT1 1EU


Phone: 020 8547 5872