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Assessment and Education, Health and Care Planning

Annual Reviews

Credit: Video is from the Council for Disabled Children (CDC)

Annual Review templates                                           

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans must be reviewed every 12 months (if a child is under five years old, reviews must be six monthly).

The purpose of the review is:

  • to listen, consider the young person’s views on how the year has been, discussing areas of strength and difficulty,
  • to bring together the views of everyone who supports the child,
  • to review the special educational needs and consider whether there are any changes,
  • to review how well the outcomes in the EHC plan are being achieved and whether the long term targets remain challenging and appropriate,
  • to review provision and consider whether there are any changes required,
  • to set new targets for the next year, which the school will work towards outside of the EHC Plan.​
Advice for children and young people

Amy, a member of Council for Disabled Children’s national youth advisory group FLARE, has created a resource to support children and young people who have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) prepare for an Annual Review.

Find out more and download the resource on the CDC website (opens a new window)

Pre 14 SEND Team coffee morning - annual reviews presentation

In December 2019, the SEND Team held a coffee morning for parents focused around the annual review process. You can view the presentation from the meeting (pdf)