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Safeguarding / Child protection
If you have a safeguarding concern about a child, please contact the Single Point of Access.


If you need information or information checks please contact the Single Point of Access directly.



Please do not use the enquiry form on this website for this type of enquiry. 

Single Point of Access 020 8547 5008
(8am to 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on Friday.
Out of hours, phone 020 8770 5000.)
Online referral and enquiry form (on the Richmond Council website for both Kingston and Richmond Councils)
Access to your records (information about you held by AfC) Information Governance

More information on this page

Adoption enquiries Adopt London 020 7525 1746

Albany Outdoors bookings and enquiries

Albany Outdoors 020 8549 3066
Applying for schools - Kingston Schools Admissions 020 8547 4610
Applying for schools - Richmond Schools Admissions 020 8547 5569
Apprenticeships for young people Schools Admissions 020 8831 6353
Chaperone licenses Education Welfare Service
Childcare Family Information Service 020 8547 5215

Children's Centres activities - Kingston

Children's Centres 020 8339 9848

Children's Centres activities - Richmond

Children's Centres

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

D of E Team

Early Education Funding (EEF) and free childcare

Family Information Service 020 8547 5215
Early Years enquiries - parents and carers Family Information Service 020 8547 5215
Early Years enquiries - schools, nurseries, childminders etc Early Years Team 020 8547 5215

Emotional Health Service (CAMHS Tier 2)


Emotional Health Service

waiting list enquiries  

CAMHS Single Point of Access 020 8547 5008

Employment licences for children and young people

Education Welfare Service
Enquiries from childcare providers - new and existing Early Years Team 020 8547 5215​​​​​​
Family Information Family Information Service 020 8547 5215
Fostering   020 8547 5355
Free school meals   020 8547​ 5448


Jobs and working for us Recruitment Team 020 8487 5428
Parenting support and parenting courses Parenting Officer 020 8547 6965 or 07771 974388  
Special Educational Needs and Disability (Local Offer) enquiries     Local Offer
Single Point of Access Single Point of Access 020 8547 5008 Online referral form
Workforce Development and Training (for professionals, childcare workforce, voluntary sector) Workforce Development Team 020 8831 6353
Young people who are not in Education, Employment or Training 14 to 25 team 020 8547 6989

Youth Service and Youth Centre enquiries

Youth Resilience Business Support Team 020 8547 6920



For all other enquiries please use our enquiry form.