All children are eligible for 15 hours a week of free nursery education starting from the term after their third birthday. This is part of the Government's early education funding scheme, also known as the Early Education Entitlement.

Early Education can be provided in a wide range of settings including:

  • community nurseries
  • voluntary aided church nurseries
  • academy nurseries
  • foundation nurseries
  • day nurseries, pre-school playgroups and independent schools
  • registered childminders

Funding will continue until your child goes into a reception class at an infant or primary school. This is usually in the September of the school year before they reach their fifth birthday.

Children who turn three on or between:

  • 1 April and 31 August are eligible from the autumn term starting in September
  • 1 September and 31 December are eligible from the spring term starting in January
  • 1 January and 31 March are eligible from the summer term starting in April

 ‚ÄčDownload the 3 and 4 year old funding leaflet for Kingston and Richmond


If your child attends a state-maintained nursery class or school, this is their funded part-time early education place. This means that you can't get funding for any hours they spend in a private or independent nursery or childminder during the same term.

Download the Kingston Nursery Education Booklet

Download the Richmond Nursery Education Booklet

Applying for nursery classes

Schools manage their own application process for nursery class admissions. Schools produce a prospectus or information on their websites which will help you decide how suitable they are for your child. You should visit the school’s website or contact the school directly for further information.

Key dates

Applications close on Friday 9 March 2018

Places will be offered by Friday 4 May 2018

To apply, contact the school for an application form. 

You can also apply for a place in a school nursery in another borough. Closing dates for nursery applications and how to apply may be different in other boroughs. Check the borough website and with the chosen nursery school to find out.

Use our Childcare Search for providers that offer early education funded places and apply to them directly. There is no set time for doing this but we advise that you register your child in good time for the best chance of getting your child a place with your chosen provider.

If your child attends a private or independent nursery, preschool playgroup or childminder, funding for their place is paid directly to the childcare provider. Your provider will apply for the funding at the beginning of the term. They will ask you to complete a parent declaration form when it is time for them to submit their funding claim to us. You should discuss funding with your provider before your child becomes three years old and ask them to explain how it will be offered to your child and any other information you need to be aware of, such as changes to fees etc.

The nursery or the childcare provider may ask you for some added information about your income or your child. This is to find out if they can claim Early Years Pupil Premium Funding based on your child's place.

Find out more about EYPP funding