Some children and young people have difficulties communicating. Many children under 5 need some help in developing skills. If you have concerns about a child's communication and language you can contact: 

In Kingston 

Amy Gee, Appointment and Referrals Coordinator

Phone (020) 8274 7814 or Email

Further information about the service and resources can be found here:

Speech and Language Early Years 

Early Years Team leaflet

ASD Sensory Leaflet

Modelling leaflet

Speech Sound Development leaflet

In Richmond

Georgina Brown - Speech and Language Therapist - 020 8614 5456‚Äč
Vanessa Gordon - Pre School Services Lead - 020 8614 5471

Speech and Language Therapy Children Richmond

Speech and Language Therapy information leaflet for parents and carers

 Useful tools

SaLT Surveillance Checklist

ECAT Child Monitoring Tool