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Information for childcare professionals working in Kingston and Richmond

Speech and Language

Some children and young people have difficulties communicating. Many children under 5 need some help in developing skills. If you have concerns about a child's communication and language you can contact: 

In Kingston 


Amy Gee, Appointment and Referrals Coordinator

Phone (020) 8274 7814 or Email

Further information about the service and resources can be found here:

Speech and Language Early Years (opens a new window)

Early Years Team leaflet (opens a new window)

ASD Sensory Leaflet (opens a new window)

Modelling leaflet (opens a new window)

Speech Sound Development leaflet (opens a new window)

In Richmond


Georgina Brown - Speech and Language Therapist - 020 8614 5456‚Äč
Vanessa Gordon - Pre School Services Lead - 020 8614 5471

Speech and Language Therapy Children Richmond (opens a new window)

Speech and Language Therapy information leaflet for parents and carers (opens a new window)

Useful tools

SaLT Surveillance Checklist (opens a new window)

ECAT Child Monitoring Tool (opens a new window)

Speech and Language Resources

Tips for talking 6 to 12 months (pdf)

Tips for talking 12 to 18 months  (pdf)

Tips for talking 18 months to 2 years (pdf)

Tips for talking 2 years to 3 years (pdf)

Tips for talking 3 years to 4 years (pdf)

What a typical child will be doing at 2 to 3 years (pdf)

My child hears more than one language. What should I do? (pdf)

Tips for helping with speech sounds (pdf)

Stages of Speech and Language Development (pdf)

Top techniques to develop children's speech and language (pdf)

When sounds get muddled (pdf)

Using TV and Tablets (pdf)