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Information for childcare professionals working in Kingston and Richmond

Communication and Language

Communication and Language in the EYFS is one of three Prime areas of learning and is the foundation for ALL other areas of development. The Revised EYFS (September 2021) has Communication and Language as the main focus throughout. 

Communication and Language Development is made up of 3 sub sections: 

  • Listening and Attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking

Here you will find useful resources for supporting children’s Communication and Language Development. You will also find links to other websites with useful information for supporting children and their families.

Resources/Websites for Early Years  Practitioners

The Communication Trust- Advice on communication and language development and how to identify and support children with Speech, Language and Communication needs

National Literacy Trust - Resources and tools for early language development and parental engagement.

I CAN - Training for Early years Practitioners, Support and Information on supporting development of communication and language.

I CAN - Talk Boost - Targeted support for 3/4  year old children with delayed language.

DfE Letters and Sounds - Activity ideas in Phase 1 for promoting children's speaking and listening skills.

Resources for parent/carers

Tiny Happy People  - Activities and play ideas to help your child’s communication.

Hungry Little Minds - Simple fun activities for children aged 0-5 years.

I CAN - Talking point for parents -  Guide to ages and stages of speech and  language development, progress checker and useful tips and ideas.

National Literacy Trust - Family Zone, advice and fun resources.

Resources for EAL - parent/carers who speak other languages

Talk Together Guides - Useful tips in 14 different languages to encourage good communication and talking skills.

Bilingual quick tips  - Flyers translated in 17 different languages to develop listening and talking skills.