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Information for childcare professionals working in Kingston and Richmond


  This section contains "Moving On" and other assessment and tracking forms, templates and guidance.

Moving On

 Moving On: AfC moving on booklet Dec 18 (pdf)

Moving On: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (pdf)

Moving On: Individual Development Map (IDM) (pdf)

Individual Child Action Plan (pdf)

Cohort Overview (pdf)

Key Group Overview (pdf)

Transition resources

‚ÄčTransition resources (opens a new window)

Integrated Progress check at 2

From September 2015, local authorities, health visiting services and early year’s providers have been expected to bring together health and early education reviews for young children at the age of two to two-and-a-half.

The purpose of the two-year review is to:

  • Identify the child’s progress, strengths and next steps in order to promote positive outcomes in health and wellbeing, learning and development

  • Identify any support needs as early as possible and facilitate appropriate intervention and support for children and their families, especially those for whom progress is less than expected

  • Generate information which can be used to plan services and contribute to the reduction of inequalities in children’s outcomes.

    Advice and guidance on how to complete an integrated review is included in the guidance document below:

Guidance and additional information- Richmond and Kingston

The following templates and flowcharts can be used for recording and supporting practitioners with the integrated progress check at age 2:

Kingston 2020

Kingston Early Years Pathway Flowchart - (opens a pdf)

Kingston 2 Year Old Progress Check - (opens a word document)


Richmond 2020

Richmond Early Years Pathway Flowchart - (opens a pdf)

Richmond 2 Year Old Progress Check - (opens a word document)

Additional Resources - Richmond and Kingston

How to complete the Integrated Progress Check at 2 years old - (opens a word document)

Example of Consent Form - (opens a word document)

Frequently Asked Questions Integrated Review  - (opens a word document)

ASQ3 - Factsheet - (opens a pdf)

Sample Letter Progress Check - (opens a word document)


If you are a Kingston or Richmond provider and you require any of these documents in a Word version format, please either contact your Inclusion and Improvement Adviser or email