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Information for childcare professionals working in Kingston and Richmond

Improving Quality (Quality Assurance Audit Tool)

Improving Quality for Children

Improving Quality for Children (IQC) is a self-evaluation tool to support the development of high quality early years provision for Achieving for Children. This self-evaluation process should be carried out by each setting. It aims to promote reflective practice at both practitioner and management level. The audit process and outcome will enable settings to identify areas for improvement.  

Improving Quality for Children (IQC) June 2020 documentation

Guidance notes (word)

Nursery and Childminder Self evaluation tool and summary sheet (word)

Out of School Self evaluation tool and summary sheet (word)

Section 1 Enabling Environments (word)

Section 2 Teaching, Learning and Development (word)

Section 3  Compliance Checklist (safeguarding and welfare requirements) (word)

Section 4 Leadership and Learning Environment (word)

Section 5 Leadership and Management (word)

Section 6 Partnership with Parents (word)

Section 7 SEN Provision and Inclusive Practise (word)

Section 8 Leadership and Management: Sustainability and Continuous Improvement (word)