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Information for childcare professionals working in Kingston and Richmond

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL)


Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) is an awards scheme funded by the Mayor of London which supports and recognises achievements in child health, wellbeing and education in early years settings.

Building on the success of Healthy Schools London, HEYL will help to reduce health inequalities by supporting a healthy start to life across themes that include healthy eating, oral and physical health and early cognitive development.

HEYL complements and enhances the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage framework, adding to the focus on children, families and staff health and wellbeing.

The 4 levels of Awards - HEYL First Steps, Bronze, Silver and Gold - can be used to improve and support practice in all Early Years settings:

  • private, voluntary and independent nurseries
  • early learning and day care in children’s centres
  • childminders
  • Early Years in schools including schools with two-year old provision
  • nursery schools
  • crèches and playgroups

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) website (opens a new window)

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) - (opens a pdf)

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) - (opens a pdf poster)

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) - (opens a pdf poster for settings)

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) - (opens a pdf poster for partners)

Useful Links 

HEYL Menu Workshop 1 presentation for Borough Leads (pdf)

Bank of Resources for HEYL Participants

Foundation Years - Eat Better, Start Better (opens a new window)

Department of Health - Nursery Milk Scheme (opens a new window)

Healthier Snacks for Kids (opens a new window)

Sweets, fizzy drinks and bottles (NHS) 

Childrens Teeth (NHS) opens a new window

Child oral health: applying All Our Health (opens a new window)

Quick and easy snack ideas (opens a new window)

Eating Well Snacks for 1 to 4 year olds (pdf)

First Steps Nutrition Trust - Eating well in the early years (opens a new window)

Healthy Start Scheme (opens a new window)

Healthy Start Scheme - for professionals (opens a new window)

Example menus for early years settings in England (pdf)

Good Food Choices and Portion Sizes for 1 to 4 year olds  (pdf)

Continence ERIC Guidance - Managing Continence Problems in Schools (pdf)

SALT - Resources

Speech and Language Therapy - Early Years Team - difficulties with eating, drinking and / or swallowing (opens a new window)


Routine Childhood Immunisation Schedule - (opens a pdf)

Immunisation - Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all fully aware of how viruses can impact human health, but bacteria also pose a threat. These topical modules will introduce students to bacteria, viruses, infection, resistance and antibiotics and the role of vaccines in antimicrobial resistance (opens a window). Materials outline what we can all do to help address AMR, including hygiene and appropriate use of antibiotics. The activities support PSHE education, health and wellbeing, science and citizenship.

Science in a box (opens a new window)

Guidelines on Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep for children under 5 years (pdf)