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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Activities should be inclusive of all children and young people, including those who may have a disability or who have Special Educational Needs and our providers. All our providers are able to support children and young people. 

However, we recognise that some activities may not be suitable for some children. When you and your child are choosing an activity, please discuss needs with the provider before booking a place. That way providers can ensure that each individual's needs are understood and supported. We suggest that you make your booking as early as possible to help the provider make necessary arrangements.

Parents/carers and providers can also contact our Inclusion Development Team for additional advice and support around inclusion:

Jodi Williams

Phone: 07562 435 342



This winter, we want to help support you as you welcome children with additional needs. Further funding support is available  Additional Support Funding (opens a new window). We understand that timescales for applying for additional support funding are tight at his time and you will not be able to give the required 6 week notice. Please contact us on a case by case basis to discuss needs and will be do our best to support you flexibly. 

For further information, or to make an enquiry about the funding, please contact