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FUEL - Holiday Activities and Food Programme

FUEL - Providers

  â€‹Could you provide holiday activity and food programmes this winter? 

For our winter programme we are inviting applications from organisations who:

  • may be local groups, charities, holiday club providers and third sector organisations 

  • can demonstrate the ability to offer food for children who will be eligible for Free School Meals

  • are working in partnership with holiday clubs e.g. schools

  • are already working within Kingston and Richmond.

The funding for this holiday activity and food programme is for children who are in receipt of benefits-related free school meals. The programme can also be available to children not eligible for free school meals, which would predominantly need to be self-funded, but priority should be given to eligible children. 

We envisage supporting and collaborating with any existing holiday provision in the area or providers operating a bespoke, newly established model. Provision during the winter needs to be over a period of at least 4 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks. We will however, in certain circumstances make exceptions for provision covering fewer than 4 weeks. The 4 days of session delivery do not have to run consecutively and can be delivered split across the weeks.

Please visit the government website for more information about the national programme 

We are interested in proposals from providers who can deliver within one or more areas within the borough, and from providers who would be interested in ‘scaling up’ existing provision, to meet the needs of a wider cohort of children and families within Kingston and Richmond. 

Application Form

Following our Expression of Interest, we now welcome application forms from any provider wishing to run holiday provision, supported by funding from the FUEL programme. 

Please note the deadline for completing this form is 31 October

Application form 

Guide to application form 

For further questions, or additional support in completing the application form, please contact

Further information regarding the programme requirements can be found here:

Programme requirements