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Setting up an out of school provision

There are some useful sources of information we recommend you refer to when making a decision about registering as a new childcare provider in Kingston or Richmond.

Childcare Search (opens a new window)

Childcare Sufficiency Assessments (opens a new window)

The Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook (opens a new window)  contains information on all aspects of Ofsted registration and how to register 

You can also find out more about registering with Ofsted as childcare provider and other support using the links at the bottom of this page. 

Top ten tips for the prospective out of school providers

Establish the need

Is there sufficient demand for an out of school club? How can you find out? Do the results of your research give you an accurate picture?

Find suitable premises 

Find a suitable premises that can offer you the hours you need – will planning be required, would you be sharing the premises with other users?

Do your research 

What schools are nearby, is there a need in the area for out of school care? Are there other established providers in this area?

Apply for Ofsted registration 

Does your club need to be registered with Ofsted? If so, don't leave it to the last minute as the application process takes up to 12 or 25 weeks (depending on the register).

Ofsted requirements and regulations

Get to know these and what registers you should be on.

Decide on your business structure

Will your club be a charity, a social enterprise, or a straightforward business? Should you register as a sole trader or a limited company?

Plan your staffing requirements

How many staff do you need? What roles do they need to fulfil? What qualifications or training must they have?

Budget for equipment, toys and furniture

What equipment do you need for your club? What should you focus on if funds are short? Where are they best places to buy it?

Get all your paper work in place 

What policies, procedures and other paperwork do you need for your club?

Your business plan

This must cover outgoings and expected income for ideally three years, marketing and advertising costs, sundries, rent, insurance and maintenance.

​Letting /rental agreements with schools

When creating a contract to provide a service for the school you need to include the  following points:

School’s commitment
  • Suitable space on the school premises
  • Reasonable space for storage of equipment
  • Support in distributing publicity material to families
  • Access to outside playground
  • Office space for club co-ordinator for a minimum of 2 hours per day
  • Use of school postal address for mail and deliveries
  • Information to provider about significant events in school
  • Opportunities for the provider to join in school events such summer fair and fundraising events
  • Lead person to meet with the out of school provider at least once every half term
  • Advance notice of buildings works and potential closures
Providers commitment
  • High quality play opportunities and care for children attending (name of school)
  • Trained playworkers for whom references , CRB’s and health checks are obtained and recorded
  • Separate administration, so that the school does not have to do any paperwork
  • Commitment to working in partnership with the school, joining in with events/activities as appropriate
  • Regular communication and written reports at least once a term, submitted to a named person within the school
  • Lead person to attend a governors and school staff meeting at least once a year (If requested by the school)
  • Working with schools in cases of vulnerable children and children with Special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Family feedback will be sought from children and their families regularly throughout the year

If you are creating a rental agreement with a school this is a template you could use.

Model Rental Agreement (opens a new window)

Who to speak to in Kingston or Richmond

If, after doing some research, you are still interested in setting up as an out of school provider in Kingston or Richmond, you should contact the Early Years Service.

Phone: 020 8547 5215