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What you have said about the Emotional Health Service


I feel more emotionally stable.

I felt safe and heard. This helped my confidence and allowed me to open up.

I was listened to. My mental health has improved significantly. I now have techniques in place to help me in the future.

I felt that the person who saw me genuinely cared, had my best interests at heart and aimed to meet my care needs.

I got to do lots of art.

I was definitely given a lot of help and advice about myself and my home life, which helped me to mature and work well in difficult situations.

The sessions were good and helpful, just needed more.


I felt that the care given was holistic - the team were able to make referrals where necessary and all my child's needs were met.

The help received so far has really made a positive difference to our lives. Thank you.

It was a very kind and gentle approach, a lovely environment, very nurturing.

My child had difficulty going to school. She needed more support in the school. Getting the support takes a long time.

I am very grateful for the help we received and we were taken seriously about what my daughter was going through.

The people who have seen my child worked together and I feel that they are very supportive.

It was a shame we had to wait such a long time to get the therapy session.

Very local and easy to get to. We were all listened to equally. We were given simple practical ways of improving our situation.

A very good understanding councillor who got on well with my daughter and was able to gain her trust. Very helpful.

The choice to choose how much time you wanted between appointments. One month as opposed to two weeks sometimes suited us much better.

Our concerns were listened to and the help was tailored to this.