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COVID 19: latest information and advice

Health and Social Care

Social Care support - How we are assisting vulnerable families

Our social work teams are working hard to ensure we meet our statutory responsibilities and that we continue to deliver services to the most vulnerable children and young people.

We have advised that social workers prioritise children who are on Child Protection Plans, Looked after Children (CLA) and those in need. This may mean that visits to some children will be less frequent or managed in a different way, for example via video links. It is essential that we actually physically meet children where we can. We will manage a rota system for social workers who are
based in the office, with the aim of ensuring that we build resilience into the workforce.

All child protection conferences will continue to take place, but arrangements have been made
for professionals and family members to join the conference remotely using Google Hangouts

All CLA reviews are also taking place, but arrangements have been made for children,
professionals and family members to join the review remotely using Google Hangouts Meet.

Urgent and vital LADO ASV (Allegations against Staff and Volunteers) Meetings will continue to
take place. If a meeting is required arrangements have been made for professionals to join the
meeting remotely using Google Hangouts Meet.


Anyone who is making external visits has been asked to observe the screening process: call ahead prior to any appointments and check the status of the family to see if they are in isolation due to a family member with symptoms. We ask that families we visit provide access to washing facilities to prevent the potential spread of the virus and our colleagues will follow the standard hygiene advice upon entry and exit of the home or setting.


Advice for special guardians

You may have heard about the emergency Covid 19 fund which will offer  

  • Therapeutic services such as couples or individual adult counselling, for adopters and Special guardians.
  • Online training and webinar services to support parenting.
  • Membership and subscription services for parents.
  • Helpline-type support or provision.

Adopt London is working hard to make these  arrangements with Voluntary Adoption Agencies and Special guardianship support providers so they can start as soon as possible. You will be able to refer yourself once they are available.  These services will run for a short period of time, from late April to 20th June and will be publicised by Adopt London as soon as they are open.


Health Advice for Parents 

Download this poster (pdf)