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The Adventure

The Adventure is a team building challenge that is designed to test your staff’s team working, communicating and analytical skills. As the saying goes, ‘there is no I in team’, and throughout the course of the challenge, your staff will begin to appreciate the value of collaboration in achieving their goals and will bring this insight back into the workplace.

Below you’ll find a full list of activities that make up the Adventure.


The Blue Generator Motor of your ship which drives the giant flywheel you see before you is old and needs to be replaced by a newer model. The only access to the motor is directly across the flywheel itself using the two support rods which lie covered in and surrounded by highly toxic corrosive oil. Annoyingly, the previous engineers on the ship were also members of a troupe of travelling acrobats and hardly ever needed ladders, so the only means of crossing left to you and your team are four short planks.

Touching only these planks, the new motor and your fellow team members, your whole team must cross the flywheel, exchange the motor by unscrewing the old one 360 degrees anti clockwise, inserting the new one and screwing it in 360 degrees clockwise. Then you must return the old motor to the start point, with all the equipment used. You must not touch any other part of the mechanism or the corrosive oil or your team will incur a penalty which will be to restart from the beginning, with the clock still running.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Group Skis

Your group has come across a gorge cut by acrid poisonous water. You find a pair of strangely fashioned skis with ropes which will protect you from the effects of this poison. However they must transport your entire group in one go from one end of the gorge to the other. If any team member falls off the skis or touches the gorge wall or the ropes of the destroyed bridge on the other side, you will be required to restart.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Lava Crossing

Having survived the storm that sunk your ship, your team find themselves faced with a pit of bubbling superheated lava. The only way across this is by using the two ‘lava-proof planks’ and the four ‘lava-proof wooden platforms’.

Your entire team must cross the lava pit to continue on your journey. You must not touch anything other than the equipment provided and each other. If any team member touches the lava the entire team must return to the beginning with the clock still running.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Magic Cane/Lower the Mast

Group must lower the cane horizontally to the ground by contacting the underside with their index fingers only. They must not grip it in any other way.

Night Line

Your Group aboard the ship has been struck blind by a lightning flash, which has also imprinted an image of the route to safety on the minds of all the members. Your group must follow the line and receive information from the rotating leader who will explain what to expect, as they temporarily can see for the section they lead. You must not rely on the line for support.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Rigging Web

During the course of the thunderstorm, the mainsail and rigging has collapsed and become horribly tangled across your only escape route.

It is still charged with a fatal level of static electricity and consequently each gap will only allow the passage of one team member before closing and becoming a deadly trap unless otherwise stated by your instructor.

Your team must pass from one side of the web to the other without touching it. If contact is made all team members must return to the starting point.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Sea Shepherd

Your group has become lost at sea and treading water in the darkness. A Sea Shepherd is calling from the safety of a rock your team must develop a non-verbal communication system known only to yourselves to guide each member into the safety of the sheltered haven.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

The Gantry Crane

Your team must operate a gantry crane. First you must pick up a small piece of cargo and place it back down again. Then you must transport a large heavy piece of cargo from the ship and stack it on the dock (dockside). Finally using the skills you have mastered, you must collect a small delicate piece of cargo and transport it from the ship to the dock and stack it on top of another identical piece on the dock.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Tide Island

Your group has successfully swum ashore after the storm but you have found yourselves stranded on a tiny island. You are aware that in 10 minutes a 2 foot tide is going to swamp the island allowing the huge yellow fanged flat-belly Sharks to swim onto the island and help themselves to whoever they please. (This thought terrifies you!)

Using the equipment provided your group must construct a structure that supports every member while this two foot high and two minute long tide covers the island.

Your time starts now.

Walking the Plank          

A delicate balancing act involving human weights. This one speaks for itself!

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