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Sailing programme

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This eight week programme is approved by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and covers RYA Level 1. It provides structured dinghy sailing from novice to advanced level. Costs are £56 per hour per group (multiples of six) for a minimum of two hours.

Week 1

  • skills taught – rigging, wind awareness, launching and recovery, leaving the shore, coming ashore, reaching, tacking drills  
  • theory – no go zones, clothing, equipment  

Week 2

  • skills taught – re-cap on rigging drill, reaching, stopping sailing upwind, getting out of irons  
  • theory – ropework (knots) points of sailing, capsize recovery

Week 3

  • skills taught – re-cap upwind sailing, sailing downwind, gybing drill, gybing practice  
  • theory – basic dinghy rules, rules of the road, meteorology  

Week 4

  • skills taught – re-cap of all skills learned
  • theory – question and answer

Week 5

  • All skills practised and performed. By this stage if the wind has been sufficient and candidates are performing to a competent standard the RYA Level 1 is complete.

Week 6

  • skills taught – rigging a training dinghy or day boat, the five essentials
  • theory – points of sailing, no go zone, the five essentials

Week 7

  • skills taught – man overboard recovery, five essentials  
  • theory – capsize recovery, aerodynamic theory

Week 8

  • skills taught – coming alongside, reefing, capsize recovery
  • theory – racing, lee shore dangers, ropework.​

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