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Kayak and canoeing programme

This eight week programme is approved by British Canoeing and covers the Paddle Start and Paddle Discover Awards. It provides structured kayak and canoe courses from novice to advanced level.

Costs are £56 per hour per group (multiples of eight).

Week 1

  • skills taught – lifting, carrying, launching, forward paddling, stopping, turning and sweep strokes
  • theory – safety brief, environmental issues, awareness of wildlife, other water users, equipment  

Week 2

  • skills taught – re-cap on week one, forward paddling, turning, reverse paddling, ruddering  
  • theory – safety when afloat, hypothermia, first aid  

Week 3

  • skills taught – re-cap of skills learned, moving sideways, evidence of trunk rotation, preventing capsize  
  • theory – general kayaking, one star syllabus information  

Week 4

  • skills taught – full session working on students needs in practising the skills needed for the one star test  

Week 5

  • skills taught – mock one star assessment, helping students gain confidence in their paddling
  • theory – re-cap theory aspects learned. Group question and answer session of theory and skills learned  

Week 6

  • One star assessment  
  • Log book completion

Week 7

  • skills taught – lifting, carrying and launching the kayak, efficient forward paddling, reverse paddling and stopping, moving the kayak sideways  
  • theory – equipment, safety access issues  

Week 8

  • skills taught – Eskimo rescue, deep water rescue, low recovery stroke  
  • theory – environmental issues, trip planning.‚Äč

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