If you make a mistake and pay us too much for your course, you can email us to let us know. We aim to refund you within three weeks (unless you're still attending courses with us).

We'll email you to let you know about the refund. 

Policy: Albany Outdoors online credit balances and refunds

Albany Outdoors can show a credit balance as a result of:

  • overpayment/incorrect input of online payment
  • duplicate payments by customer
  • adjustment to course fees creating an overpayment

It is necessary to regularly check customer accounts and refund overpayments promptly. The team aims to refund customers within three weeks of the overpayment arising unless ongoing service is provided.

Where it is not possible to return an overpayment the credit balance will be recorded against that client for future services.


  • all refunds from Albany Outdoors should be actioned through World Pay
  • refund requests should be made by emailing Albany Outdoors
  • where the customer has paid by credit transfer or bacs payment, refunds will be made directly to their bank account

Credit write back:

  • before credits are made an email should be issued advising of overpayment
  • credit write backs are dealt with by Albany Outdoors IYS Hub