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Chatbot Information

Chatbot Information

About this chatbot
A chatbot is a computer program that processes written conversation, allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. The chatbot can only respond to questions it has been programmed to answer.

The Chatbot is currently in Beta mode, this means that the chatbot is not fully complete. This is the phase where real website users trial the chatbot and uncover any issues that require fixing before the chatbot can go fully live. We will continually review the questions that website users are asking the chatbot to ensure that we programme the chatbot with additional information.

When talking to the chatbot, we recommend you:

  • Ask questions related to information that resides on the Local Offer website.
  • Ask questions in full sentences, rather than just using single search terms.
  • Do not share your personal information.
  • Download and save the chat if there is information you would like to come back to later (the chat will automatically be deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity).

We are really keen to hear any comments and thoughts you might have about the chatbot, so if you would like to send us some feedback then please complete our online form.

Your Privacy
We will not collect any personal information about you while using the chatbot. We may use  your conversation history e.g. any manually inputted text and responses to questions from the chatbot, feedback ratings and comments you have made in the chat. ‚Äč