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Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to:

  • Be responsible for the good governance of the company
  • Set the company’s strategic aims
  • Provide the leadership to put those aims into effect
  • Supervise the management of the business and hold the management team to account
  • Reporting to ‘shareholders’ on their stewardship

The Board Directors is made up of three types of representatives:

  • Individuals from within the company, providing an internal perspective, who are appointed by the three Councils (Executive Directors)
  • Individuals external to the company, not part of the management team and providing an external perspective, who are appointed by the three Councils (Non-Executive Directors).
  • Individuals external to and independent from the company, who are independent in character and judgement and have no relationships or circumstances which will affect their judgement (Non-Executive Independent Directors).

The Board Directors has a commitment to the vision and objectives of AfC and Children’s Services. They bring relevant professional and personal expertise to Board discussions, and demonstrate strategic vision, independent judgement, an ability to think creatively, and a focus on ensuring the long-term success of AfC.