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Yorda Adventures

Organisation/Service Details

Organisation Details

Description of activity

Yorda Adventures is a non profit charity, working with children aged up to 18 with severe learning difficulties. We work to support the children in their families, creating a safe and professional environment for the children of Yorda to play, learn, and enjoy being children. Our services include 1-1 care and support, weekend adventures away, holiday clubs and after school clubs. Each member of our staff understands the individual needs of each of the children and is trained to provide the highest standard of care.

We are based in Chessington, and our playhouse offers a huge range of activites and rooms to explore. These include, bouncy castles, a soft play room, a sensory room, creative and messy play spaces and a huge variety of books and toys. Outside the playhouse we have our garden area, complete with a sunken trampoline, a race track with adapted bikes and trikes and a basketball area. At the back of the playhouse we are lucky enough to have access to a forest area, where children are encouraged to play and explore with what nature has to offer, ranging from our mud kitchen to swings and climbing frames!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries and questions!

Organisation Contact Details

Contact Details

Contact Name
Yorda Adventures

Address and Accessibility

Address Details

Venue Name
Yorda Playhouse
Address 1
Devon Way


Accessible building
Accessible toilets
Please describe how accessible the toilet area is for example is it a 'Changing Places' accessible toilet, does it have changing facilities, hoists etc

We have got two accessible toilets within our building, as well as a separate bathroom with an adult changing bed. We also have two full body hoists.

Parking facilities
Dietary needs catered for
Staff have specialist training
Please enter any further details about your accessibility / specialist support

All of our Yorda staff have all the required training in order to provide the highest standard of care for our clients. We have numerous disability changing spaces and facilities for both adults and young children.


Availability Details

Days and times of activity / opening
MondayFrom 3pmTo 6pmFamily Afternoons
When is the activity or service available
Term Time Only
How to access the service/activity
Drop-in / Turn-up
Description of Eligibility or Referral Criteria and Pathways (if applicable)

Currently at the Yorda Playhouse, we are running ongoing Family Afternoons every Monday 3-6pm, in which a SEN child, their siblings and parents are welcome to attend the playhouse for a drop in session to enjoy all the facilities the playhouse has to offer! We require that a carer is present with the children at all times, as this runs alongside our after school club.

Does a parent / carer need to stay on premises during activity
Please provide further details

Throughout the year, Yorda offers a range of day activities, including both half term and term times, in which families and their children are welcome to come along and enjoy all the playhouse has to offer.

We are currently running after school clubs each week day for SEN children, as well as running exciting holiday clubs. Our holiday clubs include swimming, days to the farm, cycling, and lots of playhouse fun such as messy play activities, and visits from local services such as live music and Teddy Tennis.

Is there a cost for this service or activity
Please provide further details

There is a £5 charge per family for our Monday Family Afternoons, please contact us for further financial information regarding holiday clubs.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Taking part if you are a child or young person with additional needs or a disability.

How can a child or young person with SEND take part in this activity

Each area of our playhouse is designed to accommodate the needs of SEN children, ranging from disability bikes to sensory toys. We have ensured the highest level of safety throughout the playhouse, as well and providing our staff with all the needed training.

Who to contact for more information about inclusion and accessibility

Yorda Adventures
Telephone No.


Age Range

Age of Users
From To 18

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