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SENDspeak is a new online forum from the founder of SEND Family Voices.

What is SENDspeak for?

SENDspeak is for keeping abreast of local news and local events across the world of disabilities in Kingston and Richmond (pan-disability). The system is difficult to navigate, and our parenting experience is unique to each of us. As parents, we are often each other’s best resource.

The intention is to empower families to navigate this difficult system and to support each other where possible.

There is a newsletter: SENDspeak publishes a newsletter roughly once a fortnight – depending on what is going on. You can subscribe to the newsletter and read past issues on the SENDspeak website.

And an on-line forum: Why? Because, what’s been very clear over the past few years is that Peer Support (ie parent to parent) is the most powerful support for our community. Whether that’s making friends with someone else who ‘gets it’ or having a ‘Golden Person’ you call from time to time.

Why an on-line forum when we have the Local Offer? The Local Offer () is an excellent repository of information; but cannot trade opinions or personal comment. The SENDspeak on-line forum may become a place where you can ask:

How do I get a lift put into my house?

How do I separate my teenager’s adolescent behaviour from his/her additional needs?

Is there a local school that really understands visual impairment?

My son/daughter is being threatened with exclusion. Help!

I’m new to the area, what can other parents tell me?

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