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Teddington Torpedoes

Organisation/Service Details

Organisation Details

Description of activity

Teddington Torpedoes is a swimming club for children, young people and adults with learning difficulties - mild, moderate and severe. Sessions take place during term-times on Wednesdays and Fridays. Swimmers normally attend one of the 3 sessions:

Wednesdays 6-6:45 pm for beginner and intermediate swimmers aged 8-15 approx, each swimmer has 1:1 support in the water from a teenaged or student age helper.

Wednesdays 6:45-7:30 pm for intermediate and advanced swimmers aged 13+, with sessions focused on swim training rather than instructions. Swimmers don't get 1:1 help, are able to follow instructions from lane coaches. Most of the swimmers in this group take part in galas.

Fridays 6:30-7:15 pm for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers: all age groups 8+, some with 1:1 support, others doing training. (mostly adults in this group, plus the younger swimmers who can't make Wednesdays.)

The cost ranges from £6 to £10 per session (paid termly), depending on the level of support the swimmer receives. The helpers come from local schools, colleges and universities. They are all keen swimmers and some have swim teacher qualifications. Many are siblings of swimmers or have come to us via Duke of Edinburgh, and some helpers are swimmers who have shown a talent for assisting their peers.

Weekly sessions consist mainly of swim training and/or teaching, with an emphasis on improving fitness, technique and speed. Other aspects covered include jumping/diving, water polo, aqua fit and life saving. There is an annual opportunity to take part in scuba diving activities (separate payment). Many swimmers take part in the 3 galas we attend each year, in Guildford and Dorking.

The social side of the club is quite important, with helpers facilitating friendships between swimmers and coaches. The annual disco is a very popular event!

Requirements for joining Teddington Torpedoes: An ability to swim at least 5-10 metres independently, without aids, is the most important. The club may not be suitable for a swimmer with severe physical disabilities. Please contact Wendy Dorgan, head coach, for more information.

Organisation Contact Details

Contact Details

Contact Name
Wendy Dorgan

Address and Accessibility

Address Details

Venue Name
Teddington Pools and Fitness Centre
Address 1
14A Vicarage Road
TW11 8EZ


Accessible building
Accessible toilets
Please describe how accessible the toilet area is for example is it a 'Changing Places' accessible toilet, does it have changing facilities, hoists etc

The main pool changing facilities include 4 large/family cubicles and a separate disabled shower & toilet (radar key needed).

Parking facilities
Dietary needs catered for
Staff have specialist training


Availability Details

Days and times of activity / opening
WednesdayFrom 18:00To 19:302 groups, beginner and intermediate/advanced, 45 minutes each.
FridayFrom 18:30To 19:15beginner, intermediate, advanced
When is the activity or service available
Term Time Only
How to access the service/activity
Description of Eligibility or Referral Criteria and Pathways (if applicable)

Swimmers should be able to swim a short distance unaided, in deep water. A distance of at least 5-10 metres is desirable. The club is not suitable for people with severe physical disabilities who are unable to swim without support.

Does a parent / carer need to stay on premises during activity
Please provide further details

Parents and carers should remain on site for the duration of the session, and are responsible for taking their charges to the bathroom if necessary.

Is there a cost for this service or activity
Please provide further details

£6 per session for swim training, £10 per session for 1:1 help in the water, plus an annual fee of £15 for registration and insurance provided by Swim England. Fees are payable termly, in advance.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Taking part if you are a child or young person with additional needs or a disability.

How can a child or young person with SEND take part in this activity

The club provides helpers so that all swimmers are able to take part in activities. Helpers are committed young people who have an interest in SEND as well as a passion for swimming.

Who to contact for more information about inclusion and accessibility

Wendy Dorgan
Email Address
Telephone No.


Age Range

Age of Users
From 8 To 99

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