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Colour Blind Awareness

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Organisation Details

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Colour Blind Awareness is a Community Interest Company, formed for non-profit making purposes, to raise awareness of the needs of the colour blind in the community. All profits from the company will be used to provide free colour vision testing in schools and provide educational supplies suitable for colour blind students. The Company is striving to convert to a registered charity shortly.

Colour Blind Awareness was founded by Kathryn Albany-Ward after she discovered that her son was colour blind. When she started the campaign she believed he had a common form of the condition but since had discovered he has the severe form of deuteranopia. Having first discovered that her son was colour blind, Kathryn was very surprised to learn that not only have teachers never been taught about the effects of colour blindness in school, but that children are generally not tested for colour vision deficiency at school entry, the condition is not even considered to be a Special Educational Need and therefore colour blind children are generally overlooked in school.

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