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Phyz - support group for parents of children and young people with physical disabilities

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We are 3 local parents of children with physical disabilities who feel that there is a need for a place where we can meet and chat and support each other. Children with physical disabilities and their families have a particular range of things to deal with and we felt that a way of connecting families and sharing experiences would be useful.
Among us we’ve all sorts of experience: various types of physiotherapy, equipment from standing frames to installing a lift at home, encounters with orthopaedic surgeons, experiences with hippotherapy, riding for the disabled, hydrotherapy and adapted sailing: we’ve navigated the minefields of wheelchair vehicles, cursed inaccessible public transport and toilets, deciphered the blue badge and taxi-card schemes, grappled with supporting our children in school and yet we are still learning and still have much to share.
Most importantly when we get together we can laugh about some of the mad situations that we find ourselves in and we can celebrate our wonderful kids.
This group is new so it can become anything we want it to. We hope you’ll come along and be part of it. To find out more or to join our mailing list please e-mail us at

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Penny, Stacey and Sylvie