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Kingston Visual Impairment Parliament

Organisation/Service Details

Organisation Details

Description of activity

Kingston Centre for Independent Living's Visual Impairment Parliament comprises of volunteer MPs, each of whom champions a specialist area of service provision that impacts the sight loss community, including education, employment, health, social and leisure activities, and transport.
The VI Parliament has been successfully running since its formation in late 2014. Quarterly public meetings are held, which provide a platform for visually impaired residents to discuss the issues which impact them.
The VI Parliament MPs link in with stakeholders to develop a safer and more accessible environment, better employment opportunities, and transport. But it’s not all serious business! The parliament also organise many social events, including trips, quizzes, and audio book swap shops!

Elsie Crayton – MP for Employment
Gloria Tripi – MP for Health
Austin Graham – MP for Transport
Charles Tavener – MP for Sports and Leisure
Maureen Wing – MP for Education
Barbara Smith

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Contact Details

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Kezia Coleman