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True Access

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Organisation Details

Description of activity

True Access is a newly established non-profit organisation whose aim is to increase the life quality of young people and adults (18+) with mild to moderate learning disabilities and other health conditions.

Our company offers young adults exciting opportunities to take part in many activities such as, night clubbing events, workshops, social events, day trips and group holidays.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take part and enjoy life whether they have a disability or not. Our services will allow those to fulfill some of their dreams and aspirations by taking part in exciting new activities that may have not been possible due to a number of hindering social factors. Ultimately, we want our clients to feel in control and have autonomy over their own lives, gaining independence, achieving outcomes and increasing well-being.

Our main club space, known as Limitless Adult Hub, offers many activities such as access to gym and exercise classes, you can learn a new skill such as cooking, play Xbox games, home work club, dance classes movie nights as well as a space to socialise in and make new friends. This is based at Whitton Youth Zone, near Whitton train station.

True Access provide short breaks (also known as respite) to adults with a mild and/or moderate learning disability and holidays holidays, both national and international.

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Contact Details

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Winnie Danmole


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Leisure and Social Activities

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Age of Users
From 18 To 38