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Youth Wellbeing Directory

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The Youth Wellbeing Directory website is a free online space for all those who aim to improve the emotional wellbeing and/or mental health of children and young people up to the age of 25 directly; or by supporting their families and caregivers.
This includes:
• All service providers – whether voluntary, private, NHS or other
• Funders and commissioners – including those from local authorities, the health and education sectors and funders of charities
• Children and young people up to age 25 and their caregivers themselves and anyone else seeking help
The website offers:
• A directory of service providers for those looking to find help or for those looking to fund services
• A tool to compare service providers with each other against ACE-V Quality Standards
• Information and guidance on standards of practice and the commissioning process
• A networking space for service providers and commissioners
• A chance for service providers to put themselves on the map to increase their recognition
• An opportunity for service providers to commit to and self-assess against high standards of practice to increase their chances of securing funding

Our Aim
Our ultimate mission is to benefit children and young people by contributing to an improvement in their emotional wellbeing and mental health.
We aim to do this by:
• helping service users and funders find high-quality and suitable services by providing a comprehensive map of UK service providers. This includes all service providers who aim to improve the emotional wellbeing and/or mental health of children and young people directly or by supporting their families and caregivers.
• providing a transparent space that encourages mutual learning
• levelling the playing field between all types of service providers by asking them to commit to the same ACE-V Quality Standards and encouraging the use of mutual language
• facilitating and guiding the commissioning process for both commissioners and service providers by openly and freely sharing information about the process
• encouraging communication and partnership

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