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SignHealth is a charity dedicated to making sure Deaf people get the same sort of access as hearing people to healthcare and health information.

SignHealth help Deaf people of all ages, backgrounds and with varying health needs. Our main audience are Deaf BSL users, but we campaign on behalf of all deaf people, Deafblind and people with Usher Syndrome.

Some of the people we support have mental health needs. This may mean they need 24 hour support, therefore live in one of our Deaf supported living care homes, or they need intermittent help, such as Deaf counselling or advice about mental health in BSL. Some people will use our services for short periods of time, whilst others will use SignHealth for many, many years.

Other people may have physical health problems, and approach SignHealth for assistance with access to healthcare, for example, if they are refused an interpreter for a medical appointment and want information in BSL about how they can complain, or how they can get their GP to set up our online interpreting service InterpreterNow. Or maybe they have been diagnosed with a condition and need information in BSL so they can understand their illness fully.

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