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YOUNG NCB (National Children's Bureau)

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Organisation Details

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Young NCB is our membership group exclusively for children and young people. It gives young people the opportunity to speak out about the things that are important to them and contribute to the work we do to improve the lives of children and young people.

At NCB, we make sure that children and young people’s views and experiences inform every aspect of our work in order to bring about lasting change for them, others, their services and their communities. We involve young people in our governance, research and policy work, and we ask for their advice on our projects and programs – these young people are all members of Young NCB!

We do this because we recognise that young people are experts on their own lives, and through their direct input our work is even more effective.

Who can join?

Young NCB is open to all children and young people up to the age of 18 who live in England (or up to 25 for those with special educational needs or disabilities).

It’s absolutely free to join and you don’t need to have done anything like this before – it’s a great place to start! It’s completely up to you how much or how little you would like to do depending on your other commitments and how much time you may have.

Check out what some of our current members are saying!

We want Young NCB to be as inclusive as possible and so will do as much as we can to meet your needs around accessibility, travel, diet and so on.

Why join?

You’ll have the opportunity to take action on issues that are important to you and your friends. Recently, YNCB members have been involved in:

Speaking in Parliament about mental health, social care and food poverty

Interviewing NCB staff

Working on projects including mental health, anti-bullying and body image

Writing blogs and filming vlogs on issues that are important to them

Judging and presenting awards

Alongside this, you’ll develop skills such as public speaking, writing, campaigning, communications and teamwork and make a whole host of new friends!

You’ll receive monthly email bulletins to keep up-to-date with what everyone is up to and all the latest events and opportunities.

You can join with our simple online form. If you are under 16, a parent or carer will then be sent an email asking them to give permission for you to join.

The Young NCB group is led by the YNCB Advisory Group

The Young NCB Advisory Group is a group of 20 children and young people from across England who come together to advise NCB on strategic direction and project development. The group, who are aged 11-25, meet 4 times a year to discuss a range of issues facing children and young people today such as mental health, child poverty and education. The group are incredibly diverse and together they ensure that our work remains meaningful and relevant to all children and young people.

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Amber Derosa


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From 13 To 25