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Anna Freud (national centre for children and families)

Organisation/Service Details

Organisation Details

Description of activity

Our mission is to transform the experience of children, young people and their families with mental health. We do this by:

Carrying out research to improve understanding of mental health and resilience and to evaluate and improve the treatments and services children and families are offered.
Developing new approaches, tools and services to support children, young people and families in distress.

Teaching and training a new generation of professionals and researchers in the latest skills and tools to improve mental health globally.
Taking a leading role in the development of policy and practice in the UK and beyond to ensure that it is built on science, tested experience and has the input of children, young people and their families.
Collaborating nationally and internationally in partnerships which jointly develop a step change in child mental health and wellbeing.

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Venue Name
Anna Freud Centre Kantor Centre of Excellence
Address 1
4-8 Rodney Street
N1 9JH

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