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The Barn Church Parent and Toddler Group, Kew

Organisation/Service Details

Organisation Details

Description of activity

A drop-in parent/carer and toddler group, held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of term time, at the Barn Church, Kew. Cost £2 per family. Toys, books, stories and songs, refreshments provided.

Organisation Contact Details

Contact Details

Contact Name
Revd Peter Hart

Address and Accessibility

Address Details

Venue Name
St Philip & All Saints Kew, otherwise known as The Barn Church, Kew
Address 1
Atwood Avenue


Accessible building
Accessible toilets
Please describe how accessible the toilet area is for example is it a 'Changing Places' accessible toilet, does it have changing facilities, hoists etc

wide door toilet, with grab rail, hand basin, light pull light switch

there is also a baby changing mat in there

Parking facilities
Dietary needs catered for
Staff have specialist training
Please enter any further details about your accessibility / specialist support

As the group is a Parent/Carer group, the child is always the parent's/carer's responsibility. Others are around to support, but they all have children with them


Availability Details

Days and times of activity / opening
MondayFrom 9.15To 11.00
WednesdayFrom 9.15To 11.00
FridayFrom 9.15To 11.00
When is the activity or service available
Term Time Only
How to access the service/activity
Drop-in / Turn-up
Description of Eligibility or Referral Criteria and Pathways (if applicable)

everyone is welcome

Does a parent / carer need to stay on premises during activity
Please provide further details

We expect parents/carers to remain with their children at all times, unless they nominate a specific person to look after their child while they are away for a short period

Is there a cost for this service or activity
Please provide further details

£2 per family

Inclusion and Accessibility

Taking part if you are a child or young person with additional needs or a disability.

How can a child or young person with SEND take part in this activity

They simply turn up with their parent or carer, and they will be welcomed and included

Who to contact for more information about inclusion and accessibility

Revd Peter Hart
Email Address
Telephone No.

Location Map