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Adult Education (Kingston)

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Our mission is to offer high quality learning and training opportunities to meet the needs of individuals and employers in Kingston and surrounding areas and to work alongside community partners to achieve this.

Our aim is to support people both to make the right choices for their individual needs and to achieve success on their courses. We do this through the prospectus, by offering good information and advice at our centres, our website and at our advice sessions. We offer high quality teaching across a wide range of courses and opportunities for many learners to achieve qualifications from entry level up to level 3.

We want to support people to continue to learn throughout their adult life, both for personal enrichment and to update and extend their skills for the workplace. We strive to make learning opportunities accessible to the greatest number of people, by offering day and evening courses, additional learning support and reasonable adjustments for any disability where possible.

The customer service standards that we aim to provide to all our learners are:
• a courteous and helpful welcome
• information and advice before you enrol
• courses published three times a year and on the website
• a high quality of tuition
• directional signs for new classes
• access to learner support services
• the opportunity to tell us what you think about us
• a comprehensive complaints/compliments procedure
• to answer all enquiries, whether by telephone, in person or be email, promptly and courteously.

Course fees vary depending on the type of course and level of subsidy provided by the Government. The standard fee listed in our course information applies unless you qualify for concessions or a fully funded free course. Examination and accreditation fees have been included in the course fee where possible. If not, this will be shown in the information for the course. Most fees include basic equipment, but you may have to buy additional materials.

Inclusive learning
You may be entitled to extra assistance if you have any of the following:

• a mental health difficulty
• require help with reading, writing or using numbers
• a specific learning difficulty
• a physical disability which may hinder your learning

Courses are held at various locations. Visit the website for full details

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From 18 To 25