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Powerstation Youth Centre: Dancefloor Family

7PM to 8.30PM
Powerstation Youth Centre, 121a Mortlake High Street . View map

A great way to let loose, have some fun and a giggle with your nearest and dearest.

The aim of the class is to free ourselves for an hour and a half a week, and forget about our ‘to do’ lists, homework, alarm clocks and general life stress and concentrate on something a bit different that might make you feel a little bit good!

It’s a break from all the stuff that consumes your mind for 95% of the day.

If you can concentrate for three minutes of a song, just remembering what move comes next, then that’s three minutes that you’re not thinking about the routines of daily life.

We also get fit. Dancing is perfect for body and mind! We do a couple of warms-ups focusing on mobility, isolation and getting your heart rate up, we will learn two or three routines and then cool down and stretch. There may even be a little freestyle thrown in if we have time!

The playlist is anything from the BeeGees to Beyonce, most importantly at the end we turn off the lights and turn on disco lights and dance to your heart’s content!

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From 9 To 60

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Powerstation Youth Centre




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Our provision is inclusive of all children and young people including those who may have a disability or who have Special Educational Needs. Please contact us to ensure that your child's needs are understood and supported.

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You can send yourself a reminder email three days prior to events taking place. 'Powerstation Youth Centre: Dancefloor Family' took place on 30 November 2023.

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