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Family Transitions Triple P

7PM to 9PM

Family Transitions Triple P is designed for parents experiencing personal distress from separation or divorce, which is impacting on or complicating their parenting. It consists of five group sessions:

Session 1: Divorce - a family transition
Session 2: Coping with emotions (1)
Session 3: Coping with emotions (2)
Session 4: Managing conflict
Session 5: Balancing work, family and play

Family Transitions Triple P helps parents who need extra support to adjust and manage the transition from a two-parent family to a single-parent family. It focuses on skills to resolve conflicts with former partners and how to cope positively with stress.

Who is it for?:

Parents who benefit from this programme are those who have or are going through separation and divorce where there are unresolved conflicts and difficulties communicating effectively with former partners.

Parents may be concerned that the separation or divorce is upsetting the children or they may want to learn ways to talk to their children about it and teach them ways to cope. Parents who do this course usually have concurrent concerns about their child's behaviour.

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Karen Williams




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