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Richmond Borough Play Map

This play map is a guide to some of the places and things children can do in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. As you’ll see, there are lots of places to discover, explore and play for free!

Benefits of play

Play is the primary means through which children develop. When allowed to conduct their own play, children broaden their experiences, increase their levels of imagination, expand their language skills, exercise their physical and mentalstrength and improve their dexterity.

Play also gives children opportunities to develop and refine their social skills, co-operation, conflict resolution and other inter-personal skills necessary to succeed as an adult.

Play can help build a sense of ownership for a local space and a sense of community with those who use it. Through play, children learn the things that can’t be taught: empathy, co-operation, resilience and emotional wellbeing. Good play and good childhood are strongly linked.

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