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We've refreshed this website

We have made improvements to this website to take into account feedback from our users and to start bringing information for the communities we serve, and our corporate information, onto a single website. 

Changes we have made include:

  • a new homepage for AfCinfo with individual links to topics or subject areas
  • an updated home page for the SEND Local Offer
  • a ‘sticky navigation bar’ that improves access to the whole site from every page
  • a ‘flyout menu’ that also improves navigation throughout the site from every page
  • improvements to the site search to provide a clearer results view
  • simplification of the directories across the site
  • simplification of the What's On calendar view
  • an improved ‘Contact Us’ page 
  • a refresh of the colours across the site which improve accessibility and meet required standards
  • renaming of the accessibility tool button to make its purpose clearer
  • a new SENCo zone for teachers which will be live soon and be linked from the Local Offer 

We hope that you will appreciate the improvements. We continually work on improving and maintaining the content and we welcome your suggestions and feedback as always.

You can give us your feedback here