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Current approaches by employers to attract/manage neuro-diverse employees

8PM to 9PM

This talk is for parents wishing to learn more about employer approaches to neuro-diversity as they support their young person with ADHD.
About this Event
Current approaches by employers to attract and manage neuro-diverse employees

The areas covered in the webinar are:

- The diversity agenda: what are employers doing to better understand and support neuro-diversity

- What difference has this meant for recruitment and the experience of employees at work

- Support that exists and where to look for it

Talk by Jenny McLaughlin Project Manager and Disability Lead at Heathrow Airport

About the speaker:

Jenny McLaughlin is a project manager at Heathrow Airport and also its disability network lead.

Jenny believes diversity of thought in teams creates the most effective solutions and is innovative in the way she threads inclusivity through every part of the projects she manages.

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