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Developing a multiagency framework for supporting Children and Young People with SEND and their families in Kingston and Richmond.

This event took place on March 11th with support from the Council for Disabled Children (CDC). The intention of the day was to develop a shared understanding of how a shared outcomes framework can support the way we work together across different agencies to support CYP with SEND and their families.

The event was part 1 of 2 days support from the Council for Disabled Children , the second day  “Developing outcomes” was postponed  due to Covid 19 and we will be looking to rearrange as soon as possible.

The day was attended by representatives from across the SEND system , including Parent Carer Forum, SENDIASS , Participation Lead, Health Commissioners, Providers, representatives from the AfC SEND team, Social Care , Educational Psychology and school improvement partners .

To begin the day Claire Richmond from Richmond Parent Carer Forum provided a thought provoking picture from the perspective of parents and carers. This highlighted the need to inform , involve and improve practice  with a clear theme of improving communication within all elements of the SEND system. We heard feedback from the Children and Young People Participation Group in terms of what is important to children and young people about outcomes .This included themes such as the importance of developing independence, involving children and young people directly  in discussions about outcomes and  supporting children to develop skills and confidence to make decisions in order to support people to do this as adults. 

The day included looking at practice elsewhere in the country and workshops considering  how we commission services to include outcomes across key areas;

  • Aspiration
  • Child and Young Person’s voice
  • Family resilience
  • Happiness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Independence 
  • Safety
  • Feeling valued and included

High level outcomes were agreed as follows;

  • “ I am listened  to and people hear what I have to say”
  • “ I am safe and my vulnerabilities are understood”
  • “ I am as healthy as I can be”
  • “ I would like to be as independent as possible”
  • “ I am ambitious and achieve the best i can”
  • “ The people who love and care for me are supported”

Our discussions reflected the Preparation for Adulthood framework and the need to consider how we measure impact of our work both in terms of outcomes for individuals and the effectiveness of our services.

Next steps;

The day was a very positive opportunity to come together across the system to develop our action plan to improve outcomes. CDC will continue to provide some support going forward. Key immediate actions;

  • Work with the Participation team to get feedback from Children and Young People about these outcomes .
  • Develop a working group to embed this within SEND transformation work.
  • Consider how these outcomes work with the Preparation for Adulthood framework
  • Develop and roll out information sessions across the system
  • Consider how to embed these principles into development of service specifications and contract monitoring.

Download the Council for Disabled Children write up of the workshop (opens a pdf)